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Company Profile of Manila Bulletin

The Manila Bulletin continues to flourish in the last 115 years with its partnerships with governments, businesses, shareholders, and varied stakeholders. It is the second oldest newspaper published in the Philippines and the second oldest English newspaper in the Far East.

It has lived up to its reputation as “exponent of Philippine progress” through fair and accurate news and features and in keeping the public fully informed during the most difficult and trying times.

From being a shipping journal that published advertisements of shipping companies in its early years, the Manila Bulletin became a chronicler of news and inspiring stories about every Filipino – the youth and toddlers, the elderly, the farmers and fisher folks, the religious and socio-civic groups, and eminent world figures who made it into the news.

The Manila Bulletin is the pioneer in taking the first giant steps to become the only broadsheet to utilize an integrated approach to a multi-level platform. Thus, it prides itself in not just being a newspaper but more so in being a multi-media company. harnessing the power of technology to keep its readeres and the market fully informed.

The Manila Bulletin adapts and thrives in the ever-widening digital universe and is now present in every platform, from print, online, mobile, LED billboards, and in every screen: from desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and even watches.