Agriculture - 2021-05-01


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Editor’s Note

Ornamental plants have been enjoying a resurgence since last year, and we hope that this appreciation continues even after the pandemic ends. Not a lot of people outside the industry realize this, but cultivating ornamental plants falls under horticulture, which is part of agriculture. Growing ornamentals aren’t just a fad brought on by everyone being forced to spend an excessive amount of time in their homes. They are actually a multi-billion Dollar industry worldwide, one that the Philippines has yet to take advantage of. This is a shame because not only is our climate excellent for cultivating various plants, many mother plants of popular ornamentals, particularly orchids, are either endemic or can be found here. In this issue, we feature growers who have succeeded in the business of growing ornamental plants. They share their inspiring stories as well as some of the secrets to their success. There’s a special focus on bougainvilleas, which are in full bloom this month. We also have the usual sections, which include a chicken farm-turned distribution business, a former cafe owner whose vegetable delivery business had the wonderful side effect of encouraging the children of farmers to take up their parents' livelihood, and a 25-year-old tenant farmer who is working towards owning his own citrus farm. We hope you enjoy this issue. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Yours, YVETTE Editor-in-Chief


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