Agriculture - 2021-05-01




Orchids are often considered a tough plant to grow and are better reserved for more seasoned growers. But according to Alfonso Isidro, this is a common misconception as orchids are actually one of the easiest plants to care for. “It’s perfect for those who want to start gardening as a hobby,” he said. The first thing to remember is that orchids don’t like to be coddled. The eye-catching and delicate plants are very low-maintenance. If given enough space as well as proper input, sunlight, and water, these plants can grow well on their own. Basically, orchids are one of the hardest to kill plants if they’re properly taken care of. If caring for hybrid orchids that are imported, Alfonso said that the best way to ensure the plant’s life is to acclimatize it and propagate it so it can create offspring that’s more tolerant to Philippine weather conditions.


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