Agriculture - 2021-09-01



Featured Farmer

Sunlight. The sunlight you have in your garden area must be the basis for your choice of plants. In her case, all the plants in a covered area like her terrace are the plants that do not need direct exposure to sunlight, while those plants who are sun-tolerant and can withstand direct sunlight are placed outdoors and in an open space back garden. Soil moisture. For the soil mixture, she uses garden soil with a mixture of either coco peat, rice hull, or sawdust, and vermicast or cow’s manure. The purpose of this is to prevent the soil from hardening, allowing the roots to grow faster. Watering. Watering the plants depends on the needs. “Plants directly exposed to sunlight may be watered daily if the soil is dry. Plants in shaded areas may be watered once or twice depending on the soil condition,” Sacay noted. Replacing the soil. Replenishing soil is important as its nutrients are consumed and diminish as time goes by. “Sometimes, the roots occupy almost all the space inside the pot. To keep the plant healthy, it is recommended either to replenish the soil or replace it with new soil,” said the gardener. Many retirees turn to gardening after working in their fields for years. Gardening is an excellent escape from stress and is a good hobby to practice, especially when you have the luxury of time to do so.


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