Bulacan mango orchard gains new life as a leisure family farm



Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp



Stephen and Amy Ustare, a couple who are both professionals in the software development field, are aware of the need for a safe haven as they themselves escape to their farm in Bulacan whenever they can. "This [farmhouse] has been a family vacation home for more than 10 years and has been witness to a lot of family memories, reunions and gatherings," Amy said. The software developer added that at first, she personally did not appreciate it much. But as she got older, and with the nature and stress of their work, she started to appreciate seeing the greenery and hearing the sounds of crickets and birds each time they visit the farm. "It was a fresh break from the noise and distractions in the city," Amy said. In 2016, when Amy decided to take a break from work, she had the farm renovated. However, she and Stephen had more in mind than just keeping the place exclusive to her and her family members. "Our family farm is a culmination of all the things we love and it was built to celebrate good food as well as bonding with family and friends. We wanted to keep the family tradition and share our little piece of paradise with more people," Amy said. In 2017, the couple opened their farm to the public and made sure that it can accommodate the needs of their guests.