Former OFW in Occidental Mindoro invested in agricultural land for retirement and now takes delight in farmin



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It was in 2017 when Pastor decided to end her overseas employment in Singapore due to an eye injury and to run the family farm instead. She hails from a family of teachers and fanners, so working in the field was not strange to her. HN Organic Farm sits on 19-hectares ofland inBongabong, Oriental Mindoro. It is home to high-value crops like coconut, fruitbearing trees, spices, herbs, ornamental plants, and more. The farm is named after Pastor's parents, Honorio and Nelcy. The initials also match the farm's motto, "Harmony with Nature" and description, "Home of Native bees." The farm has been under her clan's care for over 30 years. Before Pastor took over, the farm already contained coconut and other fruit -bearing trees that her parents had been tending to for more than 10 years. Pastor added more fruit-bearing trees and introduced the farm to Integrated Diversified Organic Fanning System (IDOFS), a sustainable fanning approach that includes integration of farm