Animal Scene - 2021-09-01




The original video, published May 12 this year, has already garnered a little over 1.9 million views. A small part of the video’s success can also be attributed to Ryan Reynolds. The celebrity shared the video on his Twitter account, which caused a surge in views. The video has gone viral that other people began adding their own musical contributions to the original remix. Their inputs were compiled in one video titled Alugalug Cat (International Symphonic Mashup). It has garnered over 900,000 views since its release on June 4. The mashup includes tracks for violin, ukulele, flute, low whistle, guitar, drums, and backup vocals. There were several witty comments, including, “World peace has finally been achieved.” Though one shouldn’t take that seriously, the song did bring together so many people with a mutual love for animals and music. Strangers all over the world are connected by the unique sound of a cat’s meow.


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