Animal Scene - 2021-09-01




How was Ferrari nursed back to health? We followed the instructions given by Dr. Lopez regarding her diet and care. DIET She was given syringe feeding of recovery food that contained fiber on a daily basis until she could eat on her own again. Once she was eating on her own, she was given a salad containing Romaine lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, kangkong, saluyot, spinach, and bell pepper. She was also given vitamins every morning, plus commercial food from a trusted brand. CARE Ferrari would bask and soak every morning (7 to 9 AM) and afternoon (5 to 5:30PM) for 30 minutes. She was then given steroid injections and Roborant during weekly follow-up check-ups. My wife and personnel took daily care of Ferrari. At first, she didn’t show much improvement. But as days passed, her status got better. I spent a lot for her recovery, but I would say that the service and care provided by Ferrari’s friendly vet doctor were worth it, and I learned important lessons along the way.


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