Animal Scene - 2021-09-01




LOVE EQUALS TIME For the most part, our animal companions are stuck with us at home. Unless there is a veterinary appointment, parrots like Red rarely get to spend their time outside with other people or animals. Since Red Factor Sun Conures like attention, they can often act out when ignored for the better part of the day. It is important for any caretaker to spend time with their birds. It is only one of the many ways we can show our love and appreciation of them. “My Red is loyal and sweet,” expressed Espiritu in the interview. Just like humans, Red can also exhibit these qualities. Sometimes, Red is moody and can even feel jealousy towards Espiritu’s other bird companions. “When this happens, Red finds ways to get my attention,” he added. During the lockdown, Espiritu told us that Red sometimes accompanies him doing the most mundane things such as watching TV on the sofa. He says now that most work can be done at home, he gets to spend more time with Red. If there is one thing that the pandemic taught us, it is the feeling of getting stuck. I guess this is how birds feel too in our households. While we get to go out into the world and perform many activities, they can only do so much at home. Our world means a lot of things, but for them, we make up most of their world. RESPONSIBILITY MEANS MONEY According to Espiritu, the sale of Sun Conures, especially rare ones like Red who is a Red Factor, is booming. “Many people see Red Factors on Facebook,” he says. “Just because you see it online, it doesn’t mean that you have to get one right away,” he continues. He also expressed that Red Factors deserve to be cared for and loved, and that means spending money on them so that they can feel comfortable at home. This means that a Red Factor guardian should set aside money for food and shelter, and that that is a monthly responsibility. It is not some trendy thing to acquire Red Factors. “You know, Sun Conures can live for up to 30-45 years,” he explains. This means that a caretaker or guardian should be ready financially and also be willing to provide whatever a Sun Conure needs. You do not only give your time but also a part of your monthly earnings for a long, long time. “So for anyone who would consider having a Red Factor at home, this is what you have to think about.”


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