Animal Scene - 2021-09-01




Floun Soles are hard to find because they stay in a very particular spot on the beach. And as you would have guessed, they are expertly camouflaged. But once you know where they hang out, they will be easy to find. The Tongue Sole I found was both easy and hard to find. It is unfortunate that our government is not keen on the proper identification of animals, nor the publication of descriptions. I had a hard time and was not able to identify the species of this fish. I placed the specimen I took pictures of on dry sand so that it could not bury itself. But even in this state, the fish would have been hard to see if it were not for the closeup picture. As for their camouflage, they are quite easy to flush out with the right technique. I plan to write more about these flat wonders next time.


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