Animal Scene - 2021-09-01




At the very heart of the origin of SARS-COV-2 is the fact of what it is: a zoonotic disease. But what does that mean, really? At this point, most if not all of us are familiar with how the COVID-19 pandemic started – that it was a disease that was passed on to humans from animals – and that’s exactly what zoonosis is. Zoonotic diseases can be parasitic, bacterial, or viral in nature, and can be spread to humans through direct contact, or through the environment, food, or water, as detailed by a 2020 online article by the World Health Organization. These kinds of diseases are practically unavoidable, given how closely humans interact with animals in an agricultural setting, to say nothing of our animal companions and family members, or the occasional interaction with animals in the wild. Zoonotic diseases – and the measures to prevent their spread – can interfere with life the way we know it.


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