Animal Scene - 2021-11-01




As highly active and athletic dogs, the Rhodesian Ridgeback needs a lot of space for daily exercise and mental stimulation. Their roots are from South Africa where their ancestors would hunt and guard their humans over vast terrains of land. Because of this great endurance that is built into their DNA, they are used to roaming over huge areas and need heavy regular physical exercise to keep themselves healthy. Take it from Tan himself: “Remember that they need a big space to roam around. Next, you need time to devote to them because having them is a lifestyle and you need to give your commitment and emotion as well. Third, you really have to do your research and know the breed.” As steady in temperament as they are, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not for the inexperienced. Even if they are generally sweet dogs, they can be headstrong and powerful – they will not hesitate to impose their will on the household. While excellent at maintaining safety against intruders, they are also very good companions. They love to do activities together with their humans. They want to be part of their human’s lives, not just tied up guarding the house. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are powerful dogs who bring pride to their South African roots with their dignified demeanor and sheer powerful presence. They are also quite beautiful creatures. Tan proudly exclaims, “Champion ito sa beauty contest!” Indeed, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are brains, brawn, and beauty!


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