Animal Scene - 2021-11-01




1 SITE PREP I scrubbed and shaved the entire area on the Cat’s skin that needed to be exposed, especially where I needed to do the incision. 2 STOMACH IMMOBILIZATION With the help of forceps, I immobilized the stomach and stabilized the incision site so that there would be no spillage of the Cat’s stomach contents. 3 ESTIMATION OF THE FOREIGN OBJECT’S POSITION I tried to recall the approximate location of the linear foreign object (in this case, the threaded needle) so that I could remove it once the inside of the stomach could be visualized. 4 STOMACH INCISION I did a stab incision to open the stomach and minimize contamination. I took care not to cut the greater curvature of the stomach as it would lead to disaster. 5 SUTURING After retrieval of the needle, I closed up, making sure the suturing was done at the level of the submucosa only and not through the mucosa, because I wasn’t expecting the stomach contents to spill over. 6 LEAK CHECK I checked for leaks before returning the stomach to its proper place inside the abdomen.


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