Animal Scene - 2021-11-01




Jepoy’s Sunsets have a feisty personality to match their fiery good looks. “Sunsets are the most exceptional ones for me, they’re the only ones who are very aggressive. Had my fair share of nips from them,” he said, laughing. “Second would be the Super Enchi Lavender Albino, I assist-fed her for more than two months, so I got really attached to her.” Jepoy had more to say about his fierce Sunsets and chilled out Enchi Lav Albino. “All of our Sunsets and Het Sunsets are hot-headed,” he explains. “I’m not sure if it’s particularly because of their genetics but that’s what I noticed. And as for the Super Enchi Lav Albino, it’s quite normal for some hatchlings to not know how to catch their prey so they need to be assist-fed or forcedfed.”


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