Animal Scene - 2021-11-01




Because of the negative depictions of Snakes in mythology and other stories, people often view them with trepidation. “When people hear the word ‘Snake’, they often feel scared,” says Jepoy. “Ball Pythons are different; they’re docile. It’s very rare for them to be aggressive -- even my children hold them. They are non-venomous. However, it took me two years for my wife to finally allow me to [care for one],” he confesses with a laugh. What about the nips that Jepoy’s beloved Sunsets gave him? Are they cause for concern? Not really, according to Jepoy. “Usually, they think that you’re giving them food, so I get a few nips, but that’s just their feeding response. It’s also part of [caring for Pythons], so I got used to it. Just wash your hands with soap and you’re good to go.”


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