Animal Scene - 2021-11-01




TOO MANY TREATS The most common thing I observed in human companions dealing with picky eaters is that they are guilty of one thing: giving beloved animals table food or human food. There is no doubt that table food is tastier than dog food, and an animal companion may just choose to pass on his dog food dinner in lieu of a much tastier one. After all, it would take only a couple of minutes of intense staring with their irresistible puppy eyes for them to get what they want. Treats are called treats for a reason. When one gives a dog too many treats throughout the day, this can lead to inappetence during meal time. STRESS Stress can also lead to picky eating. Changes in the environment or the usual meal set-up can cause stress, leading to a loss of appetite. Having new people around, noise, changing the placement of food bowls, and rehoming an animal are all stressful events that can affect the normal responses of an animal to food. TASTE FATIGUE Another possible cause why an animal companion is a picky eater is that they want to taste something new, perhaps even something gourmet. Anyone who eats the same thing over and over eventually gets tired of the taste, especially when they get to eat something much tastier. Who can blame an animal who then wants a yummier meal? On the flip side, an animal may refuse to eat new dog food if they hate unfamiliar scents and flavors.


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