Animal Scene - 2021-11-01


Scene Zone


by Cacai Buenviaje

13 Animal horror films to add to your must-watch list Man-eating slugs? Blood-thirsty locusts? Killer cats? Name them, and the film industry has made a blockbuster out of them. We got to hand it to movie makers for taking advantage of our fears and aversions, and for turning our nightmares into pseudo-reality to give us plenty of choices to tuck into during the spooky season. On the other hand, because of how frightening animals are often depicted in media, it tricks the audiences’ minds into developing irrational fears, which is just as scary as – if not scarier than – movies. From classics to contemporary, we’ve compiled a list* of thirteen spinetingling films you should add to your must-watch list, plus a smattering of thoughts and friendly advice to quell your fear, should you need it. *Film synopses and photos taken from


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