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Text taken from fan website Translation credit: Iraide @bts-trans In 2014, the boys appeared in the February issue of Japanese publication Potato Magazine where they were asked to compare each other to animals. Here’s what they had to say. I think the leader Rap Monster-hyung looks like a fox. I think it’s because of his eyes and his thin lips. Also, onstage he has a really cool aura but when we are in the dorm, he’s a little bit timid and he also worries a lot, a bit fox-like. — V Jin-hyung looks manly and he’s chic like a wolf but personality-wise, he’s carefree so he’s sloth-like (laughs). — JUNGKOOK J-hope is like a beagle puppy. At home he’s really untidy and leaves things scattered around and he’s also clinging into people all the time. — JIN Jungkook maybe a fox that imitates a bear? He turns his head really fast and he’s trained in his conduct of life; on the other hand, he acts like he has no aegyo but, in fact, he’s as lively as a beagle dog and talks a lot. Jimin may also look like a dog? He looks really cute and he also has another side of him where he doesn’t listen to people. — J-HOPE In V’s case, whatever he does it’s always strange. More than an animal, he’s more like an alien from another planet (laughs). — JIMIN (SUGA was not present during the interview.)