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Q: Can you tell us the difference between the White-throated Kingfisher and the White Collared Kingfisher? A: Ang Kingfisher ay ang isa sa mga paborito kong pagmasdan na Ibon. Bukod sa magagandang kulay nila, nakamamangha din sila pag masdan kapag nag-aabang ng mahuhuling pagkain. Ang White Collared Kingfisher ay isa sa mga adaptive na Kingfisher. Hindi lamang sa mga tabing-ilog o sapa sila makikita; minsan, makikita din sila sa mga mapupunong lugar sa mga siyudad. Ang White-throated Kingfisher ay makikita sa mga tabing-ilog o sapa. Territorial at tinataboy nito ang ibang mga Ibon na lumalapit sa pwesto nito. (Kingfishers are one of my favorite birds to see. Aside from their beautiful colors, it’s a thrilling experience to watch them hunt prey. The White Collared Kingfisher is one of the adaptive Kingfishers. They are seen not only near rivers and creeks; sometimes, they can also be seen in forested areas of the city. The White-throated Kingfisher is seen close to rivers and creeks. They are territorial and will chase away other Birds that go near their perch.) Urban sprawl is one of the biggest drivers of habitat loss. This happens when cities are poorly planned and heavily car-dependent, causing them to expand outward from city centers. Redesigning our cities to be more compact and pedestrian-friendly with accessible urban green spaces is key to saving habitat from being eaten up by cities.