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AS: Are Pomeranians supposed to have defective bites and loose teeth? CP: I have been told that I am too finicky with bites and teeth, and rightly so. Especially when you line-breed and inbreed, one of the very first things that fall to pieces is the bite. Look at the history of human European royalties. I want my bites to be perfect, with all teeth perfectly placed. My target is to have 6-6 incisors, and although I do not get them all the time, I would usually avoid line-breeding them, unless there is some extremely redeeming reason to do otherwise. If the bites are not good, they are out. What you use for breeding is what you get, [which is why] 6-5 and 6-4 would sparingly be used. So, to answer your question, defective bites are unacceptable in my kennel and if I ever produce them, they are petted out. Due to lack of care, my Poms may lose their teeth. I want their teeth to be large to be more durable. If the teeth get too small, I want them to breed to partners with larger teeth. Unfortunately, those with larger teeth do not have pretty faces. AS: What colors do you prefer? CP: My favorite Pomeranian color has always been bright deep red, though I appreciate all colors.