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DIET They are called “Clown” Loach because of their strange habits, such as swimming upside down and on their sides. Sometimes they like playing dead, but they eventually return to their usual behavior. Commercial flake food and sinking pellets are their dietary staple. They also love other varieties of food, such as live Worms, brine Shrimp, and small Snails. APPEARANCE They have a long, pointed nose with sensitive whisker-like barbs. They have two wide, black, V-shaped stripes along the sides of their body and a third black stripe running vertically through their eye. TANK MATES They are peaceful both on their own and with other fishes like Silver Dollar, Goldfish, and Angelfish. They make suitable tank mates for any non-aggressive Fish, but do not thrive when kept with bigger, more dominant species. Six to eight of them together will make them happy. CARE Clown Loaches are active, large, schooling Fish. They should have several hiding spots such as ceramic pots, driftwood, rocks, and plants. Loaches are prone to ich infections, so water quality is very important. Also, avoid sudden water fluctuations.