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The Chinese High-fin Banded Shark is a popular freshwater aquarium Fish from the family Catostomidae. Despite having “Shark” in their name, they have no relation to real Sharks. They belong to the species of freshwater Fish resembling Sharks. They are not active swimmers, and they will not swim around regularly. APPEARANCE Young Chinese High-fin Banded Sharks normally have brown bodies bearing three dark-colored slanting bands with high and triangular dorsal finnage. Through adulthood, Chinese High-fin Banded Sharks become darker in color. In five to six years, the fish will grow to 1.35 meters in length and weigh 40 kilograms. LIFE SPAN Expect them to live up to 15 years or more. TANK SETUP While this Fish makes a great aquarium keep, they’re not suitable for most home tanks. They are much more suitable in a community aquarium or a pond, which will provide them the space they need. Use a substrate of sand or fine gravel. Add enough plants and some driftwood or bogwood and rocks. However, do not overcrowd the tank. DIET They are herbivores, so you should provide your sharks with a variety of food, such as live, fresh, or frozen food materials: Crustaceans, Earthworms, Bloodworms, Insects, Annelids, Prawn, Tubifex, small Mollusks, and quality pellet or flake foods that can sink to the bottom of the tank. For juveniles, they enjoy a frozen Bloodworm diet. WATER CONDITION A water ph level between 6.8 to 7.5 is good for the Highfin Banded Shark. They are affected by abrupt changes in water quality. TANK MATES The Chinese High-fin Banded Shark can get along with various Fish species due to their peaceful nature. They make great tank mates for Loaches, Goldfish and Koi Fish. About three to five of these Sharks in an aquarium will make them feel safer.