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This Fish from the Niger becomes docile once they properly adapt to their surroundings. APPEARANCE They are a mix between a sword and an Elephant because of their long, thin body and a long nose that droops slightly downward. Their heads are pointed and thin while their dorsal and anal fins are almost reflections of each other. They normally grow up to about nine inches. They are colored black or dark brown with a white streak between the front ridge of the dorsal and anal fins and another about an inch to the back. LIFESPAN The average lifespan is six to ten years. DIET These carnivorous Fishes consume meaty foods including Bloodworms, chopped Earthworms, frozen meaty food, and pellets. TANK SETUP The tank should be about 50 gallons as they are large Fish and extra space always helps create a suitable habitat. The tank should be filled with vegetation, such as hornwort, anubias and Java moss for the fish to interact with. TANK MATES They get along with other peaceful, larger Fishes, but can be aggressive to smaller Fishes. Some examples of good tank mates are Bichir, Congo Tetra, and Cory Catfish. Based on my experience, they are not suitable for beginners. Most of them require large-sized tanks and strong filtration. It’s better for one to have more than two years caring for fish before one can care for these beautiful, unusual Fish.