Keeping your rescued Bird happy during lockdown

by Alex Bichara



Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp


Keeping your rescued Bird happy during lockdown The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on us all, including our feathered friends. Around the world, Bird shelters have been recording more and more cases of Bird rescue. In North Central Wisconsin, the non-profit organization Raptor Education Group, Inc. reached a new annual record of 1,060 rescued injured Birds in 2020, wrote Sydney Hawkins in a 2021 article for WSAW TV. In Quebec, the Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre recorded 60% more Bird admissions this year than previous years, according to CBC News. Many of us have been seeking comfort in the outdoors – and rescuing Birds in the process. Here are a few tips for keeping your rescued Bird happy, in these times when we have to make do with lockdowns, quarantines, and other restrictions to keep us safe.