Get these Snakes out of my house!


by Cliff Sawit



Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp


Get these Snakes out of my house! Snakes are beautiful, fascinating, yet often misunderstood animals who fill an important place in the web of life. Native Americans revered the Snake as a keen-eyed creature who possessed visionary powers. In Chinese mythology, Snakes are also held in high regard, unlike in Western cultures where they are treated as villains. The Chinese have long regarded Snakes as a symbol of the great power of nature and have associated the ability to handle Snakes with the ability to handle nature itself. Snake imagery such as paintings and figurines can be found in many Chinese households. However, unlike their artistic counterparts, wild Snakes definitely do not belong inside our homes, so it can be quite a shock to come across a Snake in the living room. Snakes will enter a home for various reasons, such as avoiding heat and rough weather, or to pursue prey. If Snakes persist in entering your home, this may be indicative of a Rodent, Bird, or Insect population in your house as well. Keep in mind that the Snake may be just as shocked to encounter you as well! That is why it is important to keep your calm to avoid provoking the Snake while you identify them.