When asked about what constitutes a good Pomeranian, Canton Pomeranians recommends focusing on the following main issues.



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BALANCE “Balance or outline is most important, as is the case in most breeds,” they explain. “You want the Pomeranian to be round in general appearance with the right neck placement.” Canton Pomeranians’ advice: Make sure they don’t have sunken necks. STRUCTURE “[There has to be] soundness with front reach and drive, with good rear and rear angulation, [and they have to be] clean coming and going. Absolutely 0-0 in the patella.” In other words, general structure requirements have to be met. HEAD “[A Pom has to have] the right head type, which, for me, is more of the English Hadleigh head: short, wedge-shaped muzzle with good stop, black almond-shaped eyes, and high-set ears with that impish foxlike expression. When I say fox-like expression, [I mean] the expression, and not [the] long fox muzzle. [This is a common] misunderstanding of many, calling it the foxy Pomeranian, which is wrong. I try to explain that the baby doll Pomeranian is a more appropriate description.” Black Pomeranian: Ph Gr Ch Yingyang Black Knight COAT “[The coat must be] harsh-textured [and have the right] density. All colors [are okay] as long as they are not wishy-washy. Reds must be deep and clear, or with sabling, [instead of] muddy. Oranges [must be] deep orange with or without sabling and also not muddy.” Other colors include creams, sables, whites, particolors with symmetrical markings, chocolates (which have more of the deep rich chocolate color), merles, more of the silver-ish pigeon blue. SPECIAL CONCERNS “[They must have] closed fontanels, perfect bites with perfectly positioned incisors and complete 6-6, etc.” SIZE “Size, particularly for females, is very important for me. I prefer females to be at least 5 pounds and ideally 6 pounds. The ideal male is 5 pounds, though most of my big winners are larger.”