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The Wild Side

I arrived in Kenya last night. After two hours of much-needed shuteye, we immediately embarked on our journey to see the famed Flamingos of Lake Nakuru. We left at 3AM. It’s nearly 6AM and we’re parked in front of the main gate, the savannah in front of us, with Nakuru City behind. Early Birds, we’re the first and seemingly the only customers on this quiet, cold morning. Park rangers, in full camouflage gear and menacing HK G3 rifles, sleepily sip their coffee. Just 50 meters behind them, through a shiny chain link fence, graze a herd of hefty Cape Buffalo. With zero coffee and nothing to do, I doze off. The Rover’s engine starts up, jolting me awake. The rangers, grinning and less sleepy, open the gates. We’re off!