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The Philippine Circuit will also formally introduce to the world the Philippine Forest Dog, or Asong Gubat, who would hopefully be recognized by the FCI as a Philippine breed. Emcee Fr. Dante showcased Forest Dogs who came from different regions of the country. The presenters wore traditional tribal clothing where the canines could be found. It was explained that the Dog lived in most areas in the Philippines, from Luzon all the way to Mindanao. These Dogs tend to look timid because they are not used to wearing leashes and being around a lot of people; they have been living in the wild for a long time. It was hypothesized that the Philippine Forest Dog existed way before their discovery in 1521. Dante described that, while the Dogs looked rather thin, they had “the healthy vigor and physical strength” of other canines used to an active life. The Dogs are primarily hunters who can survive in harsh environments.