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Raindrops of Destiny

Once upon a time, I held a secret hope of marrying a Kapampangan who had studied in Manila but still yearned to settle down in Pampanga, just like me. However, I never truly believed this dream would come to fruition, as I had already established a life in Manila and rarely visited my hometown. The odds seemed insurmountable. Little did I know that fate had its own plans in store for me, which began to unfold amidst the chaos of a global pandemic.

During those unexpected moments of stillness and solitude, courtesy of the pandemic, I found myself perusing Bumble, a dating app. To my surprise, I stumbled upon a profile that felt uncannily familiar. Intrigued, I swiped right, and to my delight, we were a match! Without hesitation, I reached out and messaged him, asking, “Ikaw ba si Kuya On-on, yung sumasayaw nung highschool?” (Are you Kuya On-on, the guy who used to dance back in high school?) As it turned out, On-on and I had not only attended the same high school in Pampanga but had also both pursued our college education at Ateneo de Manila University. He was a senior while I was a freshman.

From that moment on, everything seemed to effortlessly fall into place. I, who had previously been skeptical of the adage “you would know if he is the one,” found myself wholeheartedly embracing its truth with On-on. Our relationship was marked by a tranquil and harmonious connection.

And so, on the 9th of July 2022, when I woke up at 5

AM to the sound of rain pouring outside, I felt no anxiety or worry. Instead, an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness enveloped me, as if foreshadowing the remarkable day that awaited us.

Throughout the morning, I found myself laughing and smiling, unable to contain the sheer joy within me. As I gracefully walked down the aisle, my gaze locked with On-on’s, and in that instant, any lingering doubts vanished. We were resolute in our decision and committed to the bond we were about to forge. Throughout the ceremony, our smiles remained unyielding, capturing and cherishing every precious moment as we professed our love and devotion to one another in the presence of our loved ones.

On-on’s vow was a reflection of himself – fuss-free, straight to the point – recited in Tagalog that made it even more genuine. And I quote, “Unang una, salamat. Salamat kasi andito ka. Salamat kasi pinili mo ako, at hinayaan mong piliin din kita. Yung story natin na nagsimula supposedly many years ago from schoolmates nung highschool…sakto kasi dumating ka nung okay na ako, nung kaya ko na panindigan ang kahit anong pasukan ko. Sakto kasi pati ikaw ready na para sa kung ano man ang kaya natin harapin.”

Standing there, listening to On-on pour his heart out, I realized that I, too, should let go of my tendency to overthink and control every detail. Instead, I decided to speak from the depths of my heart, discarding my prepared script. Sometimes, the most beautiful things manifest when we least expect them to, just like our extraordinary relationship that flourished amidst a pandemic, ultimately culminating in a wedding that will forever be etched in our memories.

And so, our serendipitous journey continues—a testament to the remarkable power of love and trust, defying odds and unfolding against the backdrop of uncertainty. As we embarked on this shared adventure, hand in hand, we knew that our love was destined to weather any storm that life throws our way





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