Our 25 Year Journey y to the Aisle



Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp



On July 1, 2023, our marriage was solemnized with a beautiful Catholic church wedding. This momentous occasion had been in the works since our return from Rome five years ago, where we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. It was during that trip that my husband surprised me with a proposal, a day I never thought would happen since we were already married. However, he believed that every woman should experience the joy of a wedding, regardless of their marital status. And what better way to celebrate than on our 20th anniversary in Rome? Our initial marriage took place 25 years ago at Toronto City Hall in a civil ceremony, as we lacked the means to afford a church wedding at that time. Nevertheless, we always held onto the dream of having one someday, without knowing when that day would arrive. We understood that a church wedding would require careful saving and planning. So, after five years of saving and ten months of preparation, I reached out to a childhood friend who was involved in the wedding business. The entire planning process took place virtually, with online meetings being the norm. From selecting the venue to coordinating all the details, we relied on virtual communication due to the distance. Aware of this challenge, we opted for a full coordination package, allowing us to delegate tasks to professionals who could take care of everything remotely. Countless messages were exchanged on messenger, and we held online meetings with coordinators and suppliers. Since our entourage would be traveling from Canada, we had to arrange for rentals for everyone. Taking measurements online proved to be a fun yet chaotic experience, involving 25 individuals. We are grateful to our designer for making it an interactive process. Despite the uncertainties and anxieties that arose during the virtual planning, especially regarding the gowns and attire—remember, measurements were taken remotely—we were relieved when we had our first fitting. Our designer delivered on their promises. On the wedding day, our coordinator assured us that everything would be taken care of, and they delivered beyond our expectations. All we had to do was relax, have fun, and look our best. Their dedication and hard work made our dream wedding a reality, a wedding we had longed for over the past 25 years. We will forever be grateful for their invaluable assistance and for helping us experience the joy we missed out on all those years ago. As for the choice of July 1st instead of February 28th, it was a deliberate decision. While we wanted to bring our church wedding back to the Philippines, we also wished to acknowledge and show our gratitude to the country that had been our home for the past 32 years. July 1st marks Canada Day, a day of celebration for our adopted homeland.