Wedding Essentials - 2021-01-01




ANGELO JAPLOS & Iza Gallego We did not think much about it when we decided that we wanted our wedding to be celebrated with a theme of Autumn. We were just enamored by the colors and shades of rust, mustard yellow, and gold. We felt that it would look good for our reception, photos and videos. Little did we know that our “Autumn” theme would tell the story of our wedding journey. March 12, 2020, exactly seven days before our wedding. Me and my then fiancé, Japs, were waiting for the announcement of the government if there would be a lockdown in Metro Manila. We were restless and anxious of what it would mean, after almost a year of preparation. We were not sure of what “lockdown” really means, and unsure if it would affect our wedding. As we were waiting for the announcement, Japs and I were already discussing the options on how we would be able to push through with the wedding, and if it is safe for our family and friends to attend. Almost every minute we checked up on the news and city announcements, clinging on hope that we would be able to push through. Friday, the next day I woke up extra early and checked my phone. Metro Manila was placed on lockdown. Along with other areas, including on what should have been the location of our wedding ceremony and reception. Heart-broken. Devastated. We were having a hard time accepting the news. Six Days. Imagine, six days to go. We have even paid almost all of our suppliers in full. That’s how excited we were. We couldn’t believe that it was happening to us. Just a few days left, on what should have been the best day of our lives. All those sleepless nights, those DIY projects we had to do, all our efforts were gone in a snap. Even though we were unsure of what is to come, we had to pull ourselves together and think of our next step. After a couple of deep breaths, we spoke to our coordinator and asked for her opinion on our current situation. Canceling the wedding celebration was not an option, so we decided to postpone, thinking that the lockdown would just last for a month. We opted to go for April 17, 2020, contacted all our suppliers and luckily everyone was available. However, the coronavirus was not cooperating with us. Another lockdown extension was implemented until the end of the month. Not to be deterred, we decided to move again to May 12. But unfortunately, the lockdown was extended. Now our main concern was about our marriage license getting expired. We only had up until June to get married, and we did not want to go through the whole process again, especially with the pandemic going on. We prayed, we waited, and God heard us. May 15, 2020, Rizal was downgraded to GCQ. This was where our original church was located (Boso-boso, Antipolo), and all our church requirements were already there. We grabbed this opportunity to get married, even if it was just the two of us. Within two weeks time, we planned everything, made sure that we followed all IATF requirements, brought the necessary documents, and were able to travel safely to Antipolo for our very intimate wedding. It was just me, Japs, four of my cousins, and one photographer that was present. Finally, we were husband and wife! Looking back, after almost a year of postponing, searching, booking from Rizal to Manila to Rizal, and moving from 5 different dates, we realized how our eclectic autumn theme was a reflection of our journey. Nature has its phases and so do we. A great relationship doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how you build love over time. And like autumn, we may have experienced the saddest season because of the pandemic, resembling dried leaves and dying plants, marking a seasonal change. Yet bursting with its last beauty, as if nature was saving for its grand finale – I married the love of my life (twice) and was surrounded by all of our loved ones. It was a chapter in our lives that will remind us of what we’ve been through as well as rekindle the memories we made together.



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