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Shaping up and shedding off those pounds never looked this good with the help of advanced weight loss and contouring treatments offered by La Jeunesse Aesthetic Lifestyle Center. Reduce Fat and Get Better Contour Permanently at La Jeunesse Aesthetic Lifestyle Center—a modern and advanced aesthetic clinic that has opened its doors again offering resultoriented solutions to ensure that achieving weight goals in time for things to go back to normal is available. Losing weight can sometimes be stressful and nowadays, fitting regular clothes seems to be a daunting, but mundane experience by anyone and everyone who’s been indoors facing the challenges of the global pandemic – COVID-19. Not to mention the utmost importance of staying fit and healthy to ensure that the body can fight off any sickness. La Jeunesse offers an array of services that will help address some, if not most of the weight loss concerns, from programs like Meal Planning, Life & Wellness Coaching down to the treatments such as Mesotherapy to Cooltech weight loss and body sculpting technology. Rest assured that the team of experts with La Jeunesse will guide and assist throughout the journey to WEIGHT LOSS. There is no need to worry about needles, scalpels and other invasive surgical methods because Cooltech is a cryoadipolisis technique by Cocoon Medical which is much gentler than a liposuction and is particularly effective on areas that have proven to have stubborn fat deposits. It is also an ideal treatment if you have specific wishes about fat loss in a particular area. First, there are a few things to know about the treatment which will help an individual understand it more and how it will benefit the body in the long run. For those who are weary about going under the knife, this procedure is an ideal alternative if the goals are cellulite reduction, weight loss and body sculpting in areas associated with excess and flabby skin. Unlike other weight loss treatments offered in other top aesthetic clinics, Cooltech is a non-invasive treatment for the permanent removal of localized adiposity. Local controlled cooling is applied with the use of cool gel pads placed on the treated area, leading to apoptosis or cell death of the fatty cells. This procedure can simply be done mid of a work day since the length of the treatment is just about 70 minutes per session depending on the fatty areas that needs to be worked on. Cooltech can improve the figure, contour and help lose those extra pounds in no time. It is best to aim for the thighs, arms and stomach which are the common areas of fatty cells. Upon completion of the process, the fatty cells begin melting away by physiological mechanisms and results are already noticeable. Although results and number of sessions may vary from one person to the other dependent upon factors like the targeted treatment areas, weight, age and lifestyle. The results of Cooltech treatments are tremendous once all the sessions have been completed, most will need between 2 to 4 sessions to meet their fat-reduction goals. Remember that there is no miracle treatment and commitment is KEY, to get started losing weight, book an appointment with a La Jeunesse team member through La Jeunesse Official Instagram @lajeunesselifestyle or Facebook page @lajeunesselifestyleaesthetic.



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