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An Unstoppable Journey

It has been an incredible journey for both me and WE, spanning over 18 years, during which we have created more than 50 covers and thousands of pages filled with love and passion.

In the face of numerous challenges, Wedding Essentials has persevered to maintain its position as the leading wedding guide for Filipina brides in the country. This year has been particularly eventful, with unexpected twists and turns that have tested our resilience.

Therefore, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our advertisers, partners, and readers. Without your unwavering support, WE would not have been able to celebrate 19 years of success. I urge you to stay with us, as WE are committed to launching an even better version of our publication just for you.

The wedding ceremony highlights the marriage of two souls that have made a vow to be together forever, but the wedding reception is for all the guests who made the effort to attend that very special day.

I remember when my husband and I started planning our wedding celebrations, I was focused on the aesthetics and the styling of the reception. I wanted long tables as far as the eye can see—this was when long tables weren’t widely used then—with a stretch of colorful blooms, candles, and beautiful cutlery. For me, our guests have to enjoy our dinner reception and that means providing them with a beautiful and relaxing ambiance as they eat, drink, and dance the night away with us.

My husband took the lead in planning the menu, insisting on serving two entrees of steak and sea bass. I was pleasantly surprised and asked him why, to which he replied, “We have to take good care of our guests.” My husband, who loves to eat, naturally thought of food as his language of love—his way of showing his gratitude to our guests for celebrating with us.

Flip through this issue and get inspired by the offerings of Admiral Hotel Manila and Conrad Alabang as they host your reception (pp. 8-29), bridal fashion ideas by Michael Cinco and more (pp. 32-75), and real wedding features (pp. 78103).

Weddings are always a “magical” way to bring together family and friends who mean the most to you, and we, as hosts, show our ur gratitude by throwing the best wedding reception eception for everyone to enjoy.





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