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The Journey y to Forever

“When is the big day?” and “why haven’t you settled yet?” are common questions we faced after crossing our 7th year in our relationship. Despite having good-paying jobs, people wondered why it took us so long.

Cheng and I have known each other since our freshman year in 2011. We were classmates and part of the same circle of friends. In 2013, I started pursuing her, and on March 9, 2014, she said yes. We supported each other through college, successfully passed the Civil Engineering board exam together, and shared our lives, interests, and occasional disagreements. Over time, we learned to handle each other’s temper and differences. As we began our careers, we grew together, knowing our relationship was solid. Our families even teased us about taking the next step.

However, we encountered the unexpected hurdle of the “7-year itch.” We were unsure how it started, and it wasn’t easy. It took a while to figure things out, and we decided to take a hiatus. Despite our status being unknown to most people, we still faced the same questions, adding pressure to my shoulders in the midst of adulting.

But considering the years we invested in each other, I couldn’t let everything slip away. We compromised, worked on our shortcomings, and used this trial as an opportunity to strengthen our bond. We refused to give up on each other.

As a believer in the law of attraction, I composed in myself that “the right time” would come. In late 2022, I began preparing for a special and elaborate proposal, going against my usual non-showy nature. And she said yes!

We decided to fast-track our wedding preparation within two months. Juggling our work during the day, we met suppliers during our break time and after hours. Cheng took care of most wedding essentials and souvenirs through online shopping, while I focused on details like video, photography, and wedding décor.

Finally, the long-awaited day arrived. She walked down the aisle to the carefully chosen song “I Get to Love You” played by a string quartet. The song beautifully summarized our story.

Despite the stress of our impulsive decision, we managed to have the wedding we had always wanted. It was the best wedding I could have imagined for Cheng. After 9 long years, we embarked on another journey in our lives.





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