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A Timeless Celebration of Love at Taal Vista Hotel

Imagine a place where cherished memories and rich history intertwine with generations past and present, where romance and elegance blend seamlessly. Taal Vista Hotel, nestled in the serene beauty of Tagaytay City, invites you to embark on a journey of love and enchantment. Our commitment to exceptional service, cozy accommodations, and a touch of nostalgia ensures that your wedding at Taal Vista Hotel will be a celebration to remember.

As you step into the world of Taal Vista Hotel, you’ll be captivated by its charm and allure. The cozy rooms, designed with elegance and class, beckon you to relax and recharge. Each room is equipped with modern amenities such as complimentary Wi-fi access, luxurious toiletries, and welcome drinks and treats, while select suites boast a majestic view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. Embrace the opportunity to create timeless stories with your loved ones, reviving the tradition of family gatherings and cherished moments.

At Taal Vista Hotel, dining is an exquisite experience that unites people through the love of food. Our highly skilled chefs curate a sumptuous feast that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether you prefer à la carte delicacies or indulging in a delightful buffet setting, our culinary offerings cater to every

preference. As you savor each delectable bite, you’ll feel the joy of togetherness and the power of food to create lasting memories.

Your special day deserves an unforgettable setting, and Taal Vista Hotel delivers just that. Our time-honored venue, overlooking the breathtaking Taal Lake and majestic Taal Volcano, has witnessed countless celebrations and milestones. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this elegant hotel as our dedicated staff effortlessly weaves their magic to make your wedding an event to be treasured forever.

Allow us to introduce you to our enchanting wedding themes, each carefully crafted to reflect the essence of eternal love. Let the “Rose Quartz” theme symbolize beauty, love, and kindness, infusing your celebration with a strong vibration of love and joy. Choose from a delightful buffet or a meticulously prepared set menu, and enjoy an overnight stay in our Premier Room or Deluxe Room. Capture your pre-nuptial moments in the picturesque backdrop of Taal Vista Hotel, a place where history and romance intertwine.

For a theme that embodies soothing peace and everlasting attraction, “Blue Lace Agate” is the perfect choice. Our

reasonable buffet and set menu packages allow you to savor the culinary delights while indulging in an overnight stay in our Premier Room or Superior Room. Let the eternal bond between you and your partner flourish against the backdrop of our timeless venue.

Embrace the blessings of abundant wealth and fortune with the “Lemon Quartz” theme. Whether you opt for a lavish buffet or an exquisite set menu, the choice is yours. Enjoy an overnight stay in a Premier Room and five Deluxe Rooms, immersing yourselves in the tranquility of our onebedroom suites with captivating views of the majestic Taal Lake. With pre-nuptial photo shoots at the hotel and special room rates for your loved ones, your wedding at Taal Vista Hotel will be an experience beyond compare.

Unite your hearts forever with the power of fidelity and balance through the “Green Jade” theme. This precious gemstone-inspired package offers an opulent buffet or set menu, accompanied by luxurious accommodations. Experience the epitome of grandeur with an overnight stay in our Premier Rooms and One-bedroom Suites. From fresh flower centerpieces to complimentary parking, every detail is meticulously planned to ensure a truly memorable celebration.

For those seeking a seamless and enchanting wedding ceremony, our “Wedding Rites Package” is the perfect choice. Imagine an altar adorned with exquisite floral arrangements, a carpeted aisle leading you to eternal love, and elegant seating arrangements for your guests. Taal Vista Hotel provides the ideal setting for you to exchange your vows, creating a magical beginning to your journey together.

At Taal Vista Hotel, we pride ourselves on providing the finest service and paying attention to every detail. We invite you to embark on a journey of love and enchantment, celebrating your timeless love at our picturesque venue. To inquire about our wedding packages and make reservations, please contact us at:

Telephone: +63 (2) 7917 8225 Mobile: +63 917-809-1254 / +63 977-052-4594 Email:

Indulge in the beauty of love and create memories that last forever at Taal Vista Hotel, Kilometer 60 Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Philippines. Visit our website at to discover the captivating world that awaits you.





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