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I am generally a peace-loving person, but in desperate times, I use violence. If it is impossible to loosen the rubber bands, then I fight force with force.

If the tightly wound bands are giving you grief, why not channel these emotions to something effective? Of course, with the aid of some tools.

As mankind learned to use stones and sticks during the dawn of civilization, surely the 21st century person would be able to find an adequate tool in his cupboard. Grab a pair of scissors, knife, or cutter, and cut through the rubber bands or the plastic bag itself. Murder both if you wish — but be gentle on the Fish.

Sometimes, this technique really is the safest way to release a Fish. But while you work with any sharp tool, be very careful in doing so to avoid hurting yourself or the Fish.

This technique is best used when

• Nobody is looking and you want to conquer your frustration with aggression

• The plastic bag has short tag ends, which make them hard to grab

• The rubber bands are impossible to pry loose

While you might have that you-are-not-as-tough-as-you-think feeling because of the rubber bands, you might feel good if sheer brute force wins the day.

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