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Guardians of the animal galaxy


by Nyza Faustine Ho

Pet Revolution (also known as Petrev) organized this year’s Animalcon, which also happens to be the first one under their belt. They brought together people from different walks of life, all of whom had a special interest in animals. Taking place at the SMX Convention Center, the convention proved to be a great opportunity for attendees to network and learn something new.

Brand speakers and government agency representatives talked about different animal-related issues and gave demos. Animal experts inspired the crowd as they shared how they started taking care of their animal companions. Making the day even more special was the presence of celebrities, from famous veterinarians to fortune-tellers.

The animal shows were facilitated by Zoobic Safari, showcasing how animals learned to do tricks under their instruction. They also picked volunteers from the audience to have a close encounter with the animals and have some memorable photos taken.

A search for the perfect canine representative of the Philippines, dubbed Mr. and Ms.

Universe Canine, was held in preparation for an international competition later this year. Both animals and their human guardians did their best to earn their place and win prizes.

There was also a fashion show where glammed-up animals sashayed down the catwalk.

Attendees also found it entertaining to watch a Chicken show, plus two contests involving Bettas and Hamsters.

As the convention kicked off DURING THE first MONTH OF THE lunar calendar, fortune teller Master Hanz Cua gave advice based on the twelve animals representing the Chinese zodiac. He gave recommendations on which animals might be lucky for people born under different zodiac signs and mentioned which animal decor could ward off omens and bad luck.

As a first-time affair, Animalcon 2023 invited exhibitors who sold pet supplies and enclosures. Animal rights advocates, vloggers, animal app founders, and farmers decorated their booths to win the best table setup and best booth. Znb Exotics x T2 Jules Reptiles won the former, while Zelton Corgis bagged the latter.

The day’s agenda included taking pledges for the raffle and bingo. To qualify, those who bought raffle tickets had to visit booths to get signatures and stamps on their cards.





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