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March Festivals

The 3hilippines is a country that loves its culture, its crops and celebrations Take part in the dancing, the eating and the partying this 2023. ere are upcoming festivals celebrating a province s best crop or giving thanks for an abundant harvest.


farmer s helper deserves to be celebrated, too. t Licab, the whole town parades their carabao pulled karitons carts , which are decorated in striking and festive colors. Sometimes even the carabaos are painted different colors and are decorated with flowers or crops which they have assisted growing.

The Kariton Festival is also a tribute to the role the kariton had with the town s founding father, Don Dalmacio (sguerra. Don (sguerra used the kariton when he left San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte until he finally settled and founded the town, Licab. The Licab LGU adopted this event as an official festival as it also celebrated its founding anniversary.

Besides kariton float parades, the Kariton Festival holds beauty pageants and a trade fair to promote its local products.


esidents of Ligao, lbay hold a celebration for the flower abundant in their locality, the mirasolis or the sunflower. They believe that the flower is a symbol of their faith that has stood strong for over four hundred years. They pay tribute to St. Stephen, deacon and 3rotomartyr, for resilience amid calamities.

The festival is celebrated with a colorful cultural tapestry which tells visitors of the legends of the Sunflower City and about the progress its people achieved.

esidents take part in traditional festivities such as street dances which showcase the sunflowers grown in their town.


s the Tobacco Capital of the 3hilippines, the city of Candon, Ilocos Sur has a festival of the same name. It s to highlight the city s achievement as the country s largest producer of the irginia type tobacco and to celebrate bountiful harvests. esidents and visitors of the city can enMoy many activities like street dancing competitions, beauty pageants, band competitions, and concerts. There are also other kinds of competitions like kalamay rice cake eating contests, singing, bo ing and even mountain biking. 2f course, you can t miss the highlight of the festival, which is creating, rolling and parading their longest tobacco. -ust like its name ani , the ni Festival in Dingras City, Ilovos Norte is a thanksgiving celebration of Ilocano mannalon farmers for a bountiful harvest. It s also to celebrate their efforts and dedication and to thank them for their contribution to the province s economic development.

During the Spanish era, ugustinian friars believed Dingras to have the most fertile and most productive soil in Ilocos Norte. This must be why they produce garlic, corn, coffee, bananas, and vegetables in abundance and is known as the rice granary of Ilocos Norte.

The ni Festival starts its week long celebration with a thanksgiving mass they call Dingras Night. esidents also look forward to the dance parade held on the same day which features ethnic dancers with colorful costumes.

The festival also holds events like an agro industrial fair, beauty pageants, concerts, and food fests.

0ark your 0arch calendars, gri folk, and Moin the celebration of abundance that different regions of the 3hilippines are blessed with.





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